“Let’s meet for sunset at (fill in the blank).”

Utila has many intrinsic values that make it the place that it is. The laid back attitude, the natural flow with which visitors and locals interact, the incredible diversity in its inhabitants, the close proximity in which these inhabitants reside, Sunday beach parties at Chepes, incredible diving and countless other things that are not unique to Utila but uniquely Utilan in the way they mesh on this Island. One of my personal favorites is the “dock culture” that one and all enjoy here.

From the time most people step foot on Utila, their first contact with the Island is the public pier. With the magical vista of the whole of Utila Harbor visible from its deck, a visitor’s first impression starts here. Without fail, the first time visitors I regularly greet on this pier, barely 3 steps off of the ferry, stopping and gazing across to the West, have that unmistakable expression of excitement and wonderment, presumably of “what does this Island hold in store for me?”. I can tell them one thing for sure, it will involve some time over the Harbor waters.

Docks large, small, crumbling and new play an integral part in daily life here. Boats are moored, fueled, stocked and repaired. Children play, lovers kiss, divers practice. Lively nightclubs built entirely over the water holding throngs of revelers, thump into the wee hours on any given night. Most importantly, the sunset.

Let’s meet for sunset at Tranq’s, Ecomarine, Alton’s, Rehab, The Mule, the Lodge, Mango Tango, etc. It does not matter where sunsets are enjoyed, but inevitably it will be on a dock. People sip (or slam) their cocktails and discuss the day’s events, the Islands happenings, what was seen on the reef, who did something right, who did something wrong and all the opinions surrounding these topics.

Utila Property Management is proud to offer 2 of the nicest privately owned docks on the harbor, Cay House and Casa Colorado.


Casa Colorado


The Cay House

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The haze is burning off and the streets are calm on Utila. SunJam has come and gone, and we all breathe a collective sigh of reflection. It was a pleasure, a challenge, a trip and an education. The first and definitely not the last SunJam for the two of us.


Tina and I were introduced to the techno rave last year at the ripe old age of mid-forties. We have many friends here that are involved, directly and indirectly, in the techno scene on the Island, and it was inevitable that we would try it. What was unexpected is that we would support, participate in, embrace and yes…love it.

For those that think it is a drug crazed orgy, the techno rave much to  the disappointment of many, is not. It’s all about losing yourself in the energy, surrounded by your closest friends and yet to be friends or never to be except for that night, friends. Even if the music isn’t your thing, I challenge you to hit the sand and start moving. I’ll bet you a dime to a DJ within a short period of time you’ll float, smile and probably stay awhile. And for those haters that say it is not music. Well, it is. If you don’t believe me, ask Merriam-Webster.

music noun, mu·sic often attributive \ˈmyü-zik\

a :  the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity

b :  vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony

We all owe a great deal of gratitude for the producers of SunJam. They invest a huge amount of capital, time, effort, sweat and sleepless nights to bring the event to Utila each year. Sparing no expense to make it a world class party, Sunjammers fill hotels, restaurants, groceries and taxis, land and water. The Fun Time Society organizes events year round on Utila and other places in Honduras and Central America. My personal pick of the week…Santi Ferrer Rapp “Xpansul” spinning old school on vinyl. You got to get on that.


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Bienvenidos a La Roca

Testing, testing…is this thing on? Oh… ahem, so, welcome to the Utila Property Management Blog “La Roca”.

I know, I know… a “Property Management” blog. Sounds captivating doesn’t it? Before you click away to something more interesting like what’s happening in the world of competitive quilting, please know that we are going to discuss very little if anything about the enthralling world of property management. Mostly we will make observations of life on this funky little rock situated in the Bay of Honduras in the Western Caribbean. And I won’t be over-blogging. We have other things to do, like swimming and snorkeling and property management stuff and Salva Vida and eating and petting our dog and the cat we take care of…oh yes, we will be blogging about them.

I have been told by our mentors that one can blog about anything, like my morning cup of coffee. Well, my cup of coffee this morning sucks. Which in unusual, because Honduras produces some of the finest joe on the planet. I don’t know how we ended up with this stuff, and we are trying to power through it, as when living on an island, waste is an unforgivable transgression. Our buddy Tim came over for breakfast yesterday. We all determined it tastes somewhere between dish soap and straight chicory. Anyhoo that is all for today friends. The next few posts will be about how we managed to survive Carnival and Sunjam consecutively. Until then, keep it on the high side. My biker friends know what that means.

My Cup of Coffee

A Cup for Joe

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